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The Importance of Regular Furnace Maintenance

importance of regular furnace maintenance

Yourgas furnace works extremely hard during the cold season to keep your home warmand comfortable. In fact, your furnace is the most important piece of equipmentin your home for almost half of the year. However, very few of us think aboutthe importance of regular furnace maintenance. The last thing you wantwhen there is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit outside is for your furnace to break.That is why it is paramount to check your furnace at least once a year. 

Werecommend you to check your heating system at least one a year before start ofcool whether in order to avoid any potential problems. Here are some of themost important reasons why it is so important to call for a regular furnacemaintenance expert during these fall months.

1. Preventcostly breakdowns

Youmight think that it will never happen to you, but what if it happens? Replacing a furnace duringthe cold winter months can take thousands of dollars from your pocket. Even ifyour system is relatively new, malfunctions can occur due to frost, hail orhigh humidity. Due to our extensive experience on the market, we know for surethat the chances of a breakdown to occur is over 50% for furnaces that have notbeen checked for over a year. Keep your family safe during this holidayseason and avoid costly breakdowns. Call LA Construction Heating & Air and wewill send a highly trained technician your way.

2. Keep your family safe

Ifsomething goes wrong with your furnace, you run the high risk of carbonmonoxide leakage. This can be fatal in some circumstances. Just imagine leavingyour children alone at home for an entire evening and the furnace leakingcarbon monoxide in all the house. Because it is invisible and has no taste orodor, it might poison or even kill your children. In the least, it willmake your children or senior family members to experience nausea, dizziness,shortness of breath and severe headaches. No one wants that, so you better makesure to check up your furnace before winter strikes. Importance of regularfurnace maintenance is to give you the peace of mind that your family is safeand your children can rest while you are gone.

3. Save money

Anotherhuge benefit of getting regular furnace maintenance is that you can save a lotof money in the long run. First of all, you prevent costly repairs. With just afew dollars, you can save several hundred in potential repairs if your furnacebreaks down. Second, when your furnace is running at peak performance, youenjoy reduced monthly bills due to lower energy consumption.

Call anExpert Now

Withthese in mind, now it’s the right time to call our expert furnace maintenancetechnician. What sets us apart from the competitors is the fact that weare licensed and fully insured, all ourtechnicians are EPA certified and highly skilled, and most of all we have over15 years of experience in the heating and air conditioning industry.

Contact LA Construction Heating and Air,and we will help you and your family stay safe and save money during thisupcoming cold season.

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