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Finding The Best HVAC Contractor In Los Angeles

best hvac contractor in los angeles

When it comes to installing, maintaining or repairing a central heating and/or cooling system, the most important step is finding the best HVAC contractor in Los Angeles. Here are some tips to steer you in the right direction.

Seek Out Personal Recommendations

Family members, co-workers, neighbors and friends are good sources for recommending a contractor, like electrical contractors Los Angeles, if they’ve had similar work done satisfactorily. In fact, they might even be willing to show you the finished results!

Although there’s sometimes a conflict of interest that can lead to a biased assessment, you can still request information from the contractors’ suppliers and subcontractors. Just don’t rely on that information alone.

Request testimonials from local clients, along with their names and contact information. Once you have this information, use it!

The Best HVAC Contractor LA Has A Real Business Address And Contact Number

You simply aren’t going to find the best hvac contractor Los Angeles operating solely out of his van with a mobile phone. There must be a physical business address, even if it’s an office attached to a home. There must also be a working office phone that doesn’t rely on cell towers, battery chargers and signal strength when clients need to make contact.

When it comes to home maintenance, repairs and improvements, few things are more frustrating than trying to chase down a contractor who takes a deposit and never shows up to do the work, disappears after deciding that a partial job is sufficiently completed or leaves damages behind.

California Contractors Must Be Licensed And Registered

Along with the requirement for California State licensure and registration of all contractors, the state license number must be displayed on any and all of the contractors’ advertising. This makes it very simple to gather pertinent information, such as the current licensing status and any complaints that have been made.

Ignoring the opportunity to check up on a contractor is like volunteering to be the victim of a con artist. Protect your personal safety, the integrity of your home and your finances by making a simple check. It’s FREE.

Check online ( or call this toll-free number. 800-321-CSLB (Contractors State License Board).

LA Contractors Sometimes Carry Commercial Liability Insurance And Must Carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Verify that a contractor has existing (and adequate) insurances before signing any contract or allowing any work to commence on your property. If a contractor can’t produce a copy of the Certificate of Insurance, request the agency name and contact information to verify that a commercial policy is in place.

If there are employees, there must be workers’ compensation insurance. It should be adequate to cover all costs of any workers’ injuries on your property, including any rehabilitative services that could be included as medical expenses.

How do you know if the contractor has adequate workers’ compensation insurance? It’s as easy as contacting your own insurance agent to see if it’s deemed to be enough to protect you from any future claims. Your agent can also inform you of what work-related coverage is included under your existing policy.

Both types of insurance must be fully addressed, in writing, in any contract submitted by a California licensed contractor.

LA Contractors Are Required To Obtain A Contractor License Bond

The Contractor License Bond covers a mere $12,500 in work. It might not be enough to cover the cost of your project or the accrued cost of multiple consumer complaints.

Discuss bonds with any potential contractor. There could be a Contract Bond or a Blanket Performance And Payment Bond in place, in addition to the required Contractor License Bond.

Online Rating And Review Sites – Community Forums – Simple Search Techniques

After soliciting references from those around you, and verifying contractors’ information, you might still be a little unsure about which contractor is the best for the job. Now what? Take a few quick and final steps.

Go to the rating and review sites that are available online such as Yelp, Four Square, and even the BBB (Better Business Bureau). This will give you a general feeling for the overall reputation of the contractor. Inquire in your online community forums. Finally, use a search engine like Google with terms like ‘contractor’s name + review’ or ‘company name + complaints.’

It seems like a lot to go through to hire someone for a project but there’s a lot at stake here. You don’t want to end up with a horror story. Following these guidelines will help you to get the job done right the first time around, and leave you wanting to deliver your own sterling recommendation for the contractor you hire. After all of this, you’re going to feel like an expert in finding the best HVAC contractor in Los Angeles!

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