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Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling?

With summer just right around the corner, you need to be certain your air conditioner is running properly. One of the top issues we see during the summer months is a central air conditioner not blowing cold air. This common issue can be caused by several different reasons. Before you contact an HVAC contractor, there are a few simple checks you can perform when your central ac is not cooling. Below we go over why your central ac unit is not cooling and when to call a professional.

Different Types of Ductwork

Ductwork is a part of an HVAC system that serves one of the most important purposes. Ductwork is responsible for transferring cooled or heated air throughout your home or commercial space. There are many different types of ductwork material and shapes you can choose from. They each have their

Advantages of A Mini-Split Ductless System

While most homes have a central ac and furnace for cooling and heating that is not the only type of hvac system available. Another option are ductless mini split systems. Most often for homes that do not have a central system or whose central HVAC systems are not enough. They are also a viable

Why You Should Schedule An Annual Furnace Tune Up

As the weather begins to cool down, most homeowners know that an annual furnace tune up is recommended. However, few homeowners realize just how important it is to get it done. It is recommended to get your heating system tuned up by a qualified professional before you turn it on for the

Benefits of Replacing AC and Furnace At The Same Time

Heating and cooling your home are important factors in maintaining a comfortable home environment. There will come a time when you will have to replace your heating or cooling system due to old age, issues beyond repair, or inefficiency. You may want to replace only one system, since replacing

What Causes Your AC Unit To Leak Water?

There are multiple reasons why your ac unit would be leaking water. To understand why it is leaking water it is essential to understand how water is formed in your air conditioning unit. The ac unit contains an evaporator coil. The purpose of the evaporator coil is to cool the warm air that

How To Save Money On Your Air Conditioning Bill

Summer is here and it is likely you have been running your air conditioning unit more than a few times this season. Before the start of every season, take the time to ensure your HVAC system is running properly. Regularly scheduled maintenance can help keep your air conditioning unit run efficiently

What Is EER?

EER stands for the Energy Efficiency Ratio of an HVAC cooling system. EER measures the ratio of output cooling energy (in BTU) to input electrical energy (in watts) during operation. If you are purchasing a new HVAC system for your home, you may be more familiar with the term SEER. SEER is a rating

Top Causes of HVAC Airflow Issues

At LA Construction Heating and Air one of the most common calls we receive is regarding HVAC airflow issues. If you suspect you have airflow issues, you may be experiencing hot and cold spots in your home, ac system blowing warm air or no air at all. Sometimes airflow issues can even lead to

Ductwork Facts All Homeowners Need To Know

As a homeowner it is important to be aware of the importance of maintaining your HVAC system. It is also important to understand how your ductwork system works. Your duct system is one the most important components in your home. The duct system distributes the air from your heating or cooling system

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